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Dear Friends,
Warm Greetings from Innova,

The store of Innova Hosptial reads like a refreshing treatise in the sphere of modern medicine. It was born from a small idea, crawled its infancy and preseltly has taken few steps for its expansion into Innova Multi Specialty Hospitals. Its charter includes successful conduction of one of the highest number of heart surgeries in children, development of new surgical techniques and treatment. It has been a very fruitful four years at Innova.
We are happy to inform you that we have added, on popular demand Innova Multi Specialty Hospital and Innova Diagnostic Laboratory of existing Innova Children’s  Heart Hospital, to meet the long felt need of the community. With this expansion, Innova is now in an eminent position to provide super specialty care for both Adults and children. As usual, we  would like ot emphasis high quality clinical care with ethical practice. We are also continuing our efforts to train the younger generation and conduct research in basic and clinical sciences. We have well experienced faculty and our in-house training to our dedicated staff is a continuous activity.
Innova Super Specialty Hospital has sophisticated and modern State of the Art equipment. We have given utmost importance for asepsis. The operation theatres are well maintained with most sophisticated 0.3u hepafilters with laminar flow air tent to reduce intra-oerative infection. Our ICUs are also equally well maintained with 5u hepafilters that facilitate many air exchanges. The critical areas are supplied with reverse osmosis processed water with UV sterilization.
True to its name, Innova is an Innovative model to treate the suffering, addressing the needs of people of different socio economic conditions. Innova is driven by an innovative concept to provide World class health care for the sufferings t an affordable cost. Our motto is “Care with Compassion and Ahead with Innovation “ . Our team’s commitment is “ We do the very best we know how to — the very best we can do; and we mean to keep doing so all time to come”.
I thank you for your continuous support in achieving our goals in the past and expecting the same in the future as well.

With warm regards,
Dr. K S Murhty
Chairman & Managing Director
Chief Cardiac Surgeon

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